By 2017, we’re all familiar with the wellness craze. It seems that there is constantly a new frenzy, whether it’s acupuncture, spin classes, or hot yoga. In fact, globally, wellness has become so prominent that it has introduced an entirely new avenue of business and communication. Through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the average person has been able to make a living promoting different paths to optimum health. And it sees no boundaries, as these promoters can be seen anytime from every corner of the world.

One organization that has effectively leveraged this obsession is MINDBODY Inc. Through their app called MINDBODY Connect, or MINDBODY as I’ll refer to it, consumers are able to browse fitness classes, beauty centers, and health services near them and around the world, pay and book on the app, and leave reviews for others. It’s essentially the Yelp of the wellness world.


Image courtesy of MINDBODY user Nicole Crisci

So what’s different? MINDBODY’s consumer experience is one of leisure and luxury. Because the app focuses on just showing offerings in the wellness industry, it doesn’t have the distracting “fluff” that Yelp or Foursquare has. With a dynamic, streamlined interface, the app itself is fun for users. Choosing a fitness class feels like a game, instead of an overpriced gimmick to spend all your cash money. The app keeps track of your payments, communicates with your Fitbit, and manages your schedule, synching seamlessly with your phone calendar and automatically relaying your profile information to new places you try through the app. No more “new customer” forms for the MINDBODY user! It’s all taken care of for you.

Although it is most prominent in the United States, MINDBODY Inc.’s software is actually located in over 130 countries and territories, serving about 35 million customers. Beyond their booking app, they also have software for wellness businesses to conduct their day-to-day functions, such as keeping track of clients. According to Institutional Venture Partners, MINDBODY is the largest global provider of online business management software to the beauty, health and wellness industry. With global reach like that, it’s no wonder that the company has been so successful. Consumers from all over the world can explore wellness in their hometowns, but can then use the same tools traveling abroad. In Prague, for example, beauty centers have not made it onto the app, but in the last few months alone there have been more and more group fitness classes added to the map.


Image courtesy of MINDBODY user Nicole Crisci

But how can MINDBODY really push into Central and Eastern Europe? The company will have to get a little more creative in increasing their visibility through marketing campaigns, specifically through social media advertising. In the Western hemisphere, MINDBODY has a lot of exposure through advertising on Instagram and Snapchat, with influencers promoting the app directly to their followers and fans. However, Instagram and Snapchat aren’t as prominent in Central and Eastern Europe because of the issue with language barriers. MINDBODY will need to do more promotion through platforms such as Facebook if they want to seriously tap into the market here.

However, MINDBODY’s increasing presence without exposure points to the effectiveness of the app. Its user-friendly, dynamic experience allows consumers in the wellness industry to explore options down the street and across the world.


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