Have you ever noticed the amount of influence social media has on you or your friends’ everyday life? Maybe you have not, but many companies sure have and you bet they are going to take advantage of this. As social media becomes more dominant in society and everyday life, many companies begin to shift their advertising strategies to maximize their exposure and influence over society. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks are beginning to be flooded with advertisements from multiple companies. You may be asking, why are they doing this? And the simple answer is, because it works. It is super simple and it is incredibly effective. Social media has a huge global presence; Facebook alone has one and a half billion people and Instagram has around half a million. That is over a fifth of the world’s population. Besides the insanely large audience it has, each social media network has their own additional benefit. If we take Facebook for example, Facebook allow companies to target specific audiences that are likely to be interested in the companies’ products and services by leveraging the immense wealth of data Facebook has about its users (Does Facebook Advertising Work). This is huge tool companies can use now that they previously could not.


courtesy of Facebook

While people scroll through their Facebook newsfeed, some of these advertisements would catch a lot of people’s attention and make them look further into the product and maybe even make them into potential customers. Many people may even like, share, or tag their friends on these advertisements, drawing in more attention to the company and the product.

Advertisements come in multiple forms on social media. Have you ever noticed those really seductive and tempting food videos that are everywhere on Facebook due to all the foodies liking and sharing them? Those videos are actually forms or advertisements. While the restaurant itself may not have paid these people like Insider foods to advertise their food, they are still promoting certain restaurants or food stands. These videos are super viral and as Time Magazine states in one of their articles, Do Facebook Ads Work, “Virality is Key” (Gustin).

screenshot from my Facebook newsfeed

screenshot from my Facebook newsfeed


In my personal experience, I see multiple advertisements on Facebook that interest me a lot. I love technology products for phones and laptops like cases and external batteries. I also love watching all the food videos. So on my Facebook newsfeed, I see many advertisements like those and I always find them very intriguing and am tempted to buy the products and go to the restaurants.


screenshot from my Facebook newsfeed

I have personally looked into this flux battery case because I think the idea of a super thin battery case is really cool. While I am a poor college student with the self control to not buy the product because I do not have the money to spare, other people may succumb to the temptation and buy it. In the future when I have a good job and some money to spare, I think that these advertisements will tempt me enough to actually buy them. As for all the food videos, because a lot of them are in New York City, I make a list of all of them so that when I go to New York next semester, I can go check them all out.

I think that advertisements invading social media is not necessarily a bad thing. Companies get good exposure, and people are usually interested by the ads. Even if they are not, they can always just scroll past it. I believe that the future of advertising will heavily rely on social media,




Do Facebook Ads Work?


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