Image courtesy of Flickr user Maton Kohn

The United States Presidential Elections has always been a huge event in the United States and it is only natural that it be a main feature on social media. However, recently, social media has become increasingly popular and Presidential campaigning has taken advantage of that. When I go on Facebook or Twitter now, I can not scroll down my newsfeed without seeing at least one or two posts about the Presidential Candidates Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. This particular election has been extremely fierce with all the activity there is on social media. While social media greatly benefits these candidates with all the free advertising they can get just by people posting or tweeting about them, there is also a huge downside to it. Everything they say or post they make will be noticed by the world now and can be interpreted in many different ways. Candidates can no longer hide any issues from the public. Donald Trump’s campaign is a great example of this. His views are very extreme and while there may be some people that really like the way he thinks, a lot of people do not and because of it he gets flamed on the internet. There are already so many memes and “fan arts” of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Most of these are extremely negative towards the candidates. In addition to that, people have made naked statues of Trump and displayed them in their cities. Due to social media, news of this spread and now everyone knows of his rather than that one city.

With all the exposure the 2016 Presidential Election has gotten on social media, this allows teenagers and kids to get involved. Not many teenagers and kids regularly watch the news and keeps updated with the current events. But with the election being all over Facebook and Twitter, teens are getting exposed to what is going on. In earlier elections, most kids would mostly learn about the candidates through their teachers and parents, but nowadays, kids are already being exposed to them online. This encourages them to become more involved in politics even if they can not vote. Kids play a huge role in the future of the country and with the early exposure of politics, they can make the right choices when voting in the future.

Some people may say that social media is destroying the seriousness of the Presidential Elections. I however disagree with that. I believe that the elections are just adapting with society. With the growth in social media, candidates can not ignore such a huge community. In the future, I expect social media to continue to be a really big part in Presidential Elections as well as many other elections and other political events. Times have changed since the beginning of our country, now everyone is getting involved with Politics.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Keigh-Jhöe Tatú


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