The notion of going to a matchmaker is one that is outdated by the easy and convenience of social media tools like OkCupid, eHarmony, and Tinder in our time. Whether you’re looking for a casual hookup or something more serious, it’s easy to find someone instantaneously, with a click of button. A good portion of the younger generation have thrown away the traditional forms of courting and dating, and instead, have come to rely on social media tools to help accelerate the process of meeting someone and moving a relationship forward.


Image Courtesy of Flickr user Adam Mclver

When I came across the article titled Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match on the Prague Post, I was surprised that a market still exists for private (and physical) matchmaking, and even more surprisingly, it is actually competitive and becoming more popular in the Czech Republic. Why are Czechs returning to a more traditional method of meeting a partner? Because, it seems if anyone needed help in the love department nowadays, they would most likely ask a friend to introduce them to someone or sign up for a online dating website.

Katarina Nemcova’s private matchmaking business is called Find L’Amore. She offers her clients speed dating, real life consultations, and personalized solutions. Nemcova believes that by spending time with her clients and personally getting to know their individual needs and preferences in a potential partner, she has more success in pairing people up than online dating websites.

“A major difference between her service and online dating is the personal approach. Nemcova meets with each client for a 90-minute consultation during which she determines what her client is looking for and how to proceed. These meetings are face-to-face, unless the client is not based in Prague. Then it is done by videochat.”

Nemcova also comes from a psychology background, so she claims that she is good with reading people and that she bases a lot of work on her own intuition. To keep her business competitive, she does not simply accept all clients who pays in the entry fees. She evaluates her clients to see if they are someone who is at some level, ready and emotionally mature to be matched with someone else.

Private matchmaking also takes away some of the skepticism of online dating. For example, people don’t have to worry about fake accounts, misrepresentation of identity, or dangerous situations that comes from online dating. You can be sure that the person you are matched with is someone real because they are also sincerely looking for love from the same matchmaking business.

I think it is interesting that a private matchmaking business is becoming more popular in the Czech Republic. Do you think private matchmaking could survive in bigger cities like London, New York, or LA? What is it about the Czech Republic that allows for private matchmaking to flourish? Is this a trend that will become more popular in the years to come as people get tired using social media to meet someone? Could talking to a real person about your ideal mate be more helpful in helping you find a match than letting a computer take care of the analytics?

Feature Image courtesy of Flickr user Bixentro


One thought on “Matchmaker business makes a return in the Czech Republic

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed this article and the photos that you choose. I think it is super interesting that the Czech Republic uses private matchmaking more then dating apps. This reminded my of the match maker show on VH1 called Tough Love: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tough_Love_%28TV_series%29. But this concept is not fake or scripted. This type of match making is still up to date in a sense because they are using video chat instead of face-to-face interactions. Katrina’s approach is very modernized but still uses the old method of meeting someone which is very forward thinking. The theories and mottos she has is very intriguing especially this statement, “Religion, values, the way they see life — these things are important. If you don’t have the same values, you will not stay together. On the other hand if there is something about their appearance or some other detail or something superficial, this can be changed,” she said. “The more they think outside of the box, the more chance they have to meet someone special. Because they are open to it.”
    I think that she stated she is “thinking outside of the box” finding the right person is very tricky and if you have someone to help you it could make it much easier. Finally, I wonder if they have ever done a study about how many success storied they have from using this match maker approach then using the dating apps. I think that would be very informative on which culture is using the more productive dating system.

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