A Denver based company has created the new Tinder for potheads.
Attitudes and perceptions about marijuana legalisation has made a major shift in the United States, with cannabis becoming legal in many states. The war on drugs is coming to end and there is now an app that is catching onto this concept.

In the CNBC article, Tinder for pot lovers, written by Joanna Weinstein, she describes the new dating app High There! created by CEO & Co-founder Todd Mitchem. This is a dating app where you can create a profile and swipe through photos of potential partners.  It had been available for use since February 6, 2015 being of the first cannabis social networking apps. The catch though this app can only be used by individuals who are 21 or older and is only available in the 23 states where some form of marijuana is legal. Mitchem states, “We wanted to build something that connected the million of cannabis consumers all over the world to each other… Personally I am going to find Ms. Right on there I just know it.” This is the first app  allowing likeminded pot smokers to develop a date or friendship through social networking. The app is more than just a “hook up” because it can create a relationship through your common interest.

The main goal for this app is to create social network for marijuana users beyond just dating. He highlights the app is created for the cannabis consumers in a non-judgmental environment. He is looking at as more of a lifestyle brand then just an app. It is developing a marijuana community that could have never existed before this era. The app creator stated in, The Independent“Just the other day I connected with a dude and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship.” It is creating personal connections through the relate ability  the users have with each other over marijuana. For example this app is not only for users trying to find their ganja soul mate but could be used for cancer patients looking for a companion. This could be an app that brings together a  medical marijuana  group  and use it in a way for individuals to connect in deeper level. The slogan of the app is, “you’ve got more friends than you think!”, this directly describes the whole idea beyond the app creation. There is more people in society accepting the use of marijuana and you shouldn’t be afraid to connect with people like you.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Simone Hemmen

I think this new app idea is very interesting because of the time it is being created. There is a lot at stake but it will be interesting to see if the app will succeed or fail in the future. The potential is endless it just needs to focus on the community it wants to reach out to and how they will market the app. Furthermore, many users say this app is too similiar to the current leading dating app Tinder. Mitchem says, High There! is taking it one step further than Tinder by having cannabis consumption preferences for your date. This what makes it different because the personalized feature that Tinder does not have. High There! is trying to create more of a cannabis society rather than just being a dating application. The app is the opposite of mainstream and is trying to reach out to an undervalued community in society.

Currently this app is available Android and IOS Version for iPhones and starting to become for international. I think this creator is very forward thinking especially in the current situation of legalisation developing in the United States so quickly. He is creating a social network for cannabis users, who have same view and allowing them to connect. There is high hopes for the app within the cannabis community.


Featured Image Courtesy of: High There!


One thought on “Looking for love and pot? There is now an app for that.

  1. This is a really interesting app especially if we link it back to our discussions in class this past week. It definitely caters a service app (more a social networking site than a social network) to a specific niche, but does this mean it is creating a community? It is comical to think that this is one of easiest ways to connect with new people from the comfort of a couch and a bong on your lap; it is fittingly ‘chill’ for their target audience. Therefore, I think it will be quite successful. However, having interned for a mobile app development company last semester, I question the likely hood of their success if they do not tap into the iOS market.

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