Apps are so omnipresent and plentiful nowadays that I rarely see the need to use the internet.

For news, I use my Wall Street Journal app. For social media, I use the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I use the Netflix app for movies, the Rotten Tomatoes app for movie reviews, Google Maps for directions, Viber for international communication, Apple Weather to see the forecast, and Apple Mail to check my email. These are just some of the apps I use on a daily basis. All of them (except Viber) provide services or information that is also available on the internet. However, the ease of being able to access them on the run with my phone is essential.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Ash Kid.

I can multitask; rather than waste time by checking social media while at home when I could be being more productive, I can check my social media feeds or post something while I’m traveling by using my phone and not sitting in front of a computer. Some, such as the guy from the “Look Up” video on Youtube, argue that it’s bad to be looking down at your phone while walking around in the public. However, when I’m making the same commute on the Prague metro to and from school everyday, I think multitasking in this way is efficient. Moreover, I can multitask by reading the news or sending emails, which is more productive in my opinion than sitting and staring at the walls of a subway train. This way, I can have more free time to “look up” later on in a better environment than a subway train.


Image courtesy of Flickr user K. Todd Storch.

It’s interesting that even when someone visits a site on a web browser on their phone nowadays, they will be encouraged by the site to download the app for that site and will be redirected to the App Store. Most sites with apps do this and the apps are almost always easier to use. Thus, the need to access these sites through the internet is decreasing. For me, the main restriction of not using apps on my phone is to save data. Otherwise–especially when I’m in the U.S. on my normal data plan–I use apps all the time.

I’m mostly speculating on the fall of the mobile web; nonetheless, once mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets become even more universal, the web accessed on computers could also be in trouble.

For more information, read Wall Street Journal’s article on the issue: here.

Featured Image courtesy of Flickr user PhotoAtelier.


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