Twitter is probably the second most popular social network–so why does it seem that the average person’s interest in the site is fading?

I began using Twitter in 2009, when I was the first of my friends to make an account. I barely used it throughout high school, and I primarily used it as a way to see what celebrities were up to and talking about. During my senior year of high school in 2012, my friends and I began using Twitter quite a bit, but never as a serious form of communication. My most serious tweets were usually aimed toward athletes or musicians in hopes of a response (which I managed to get a few times).

Once Instagram came around, I think Twitter lost a lot of appeal in many peoples’ eyes. It was Twitter in the form of pictures, and instead of being limited to saying something in 140 characters, you can convey a message instantaneously with a single picture. I would say that with my generation and younger generations, the popularity of Twitter is on the decline. I feel this way based off of the observation that many of my peers have stopped tweeting–and have even gone as far as deleting the Twitter app from their phone. My 16-year old sister told me over the summer, “Instagram is better than Twitter because it’s the best part of Facebook–pictures–compiled in one place”. Twitter’s main purpose is obviously to display tweets rather than pictures.


Image courtesy of Flickr user James G Milles.

This change in tastes is also possibly an American thing. In other parts of the world, like the Czech Republic and the rest of Central Europe, Twitter is seen as an elite social network, reserved for journalists and academics. According to an article titled “The First direct Presidential Election in the Czech Republic on Twitter“, tweets were used to mimic the news and what occurred throughout the elections. I think that since Twitter in the Czech Republic is viewed as a news source, many average people don’t feel the need to contribute to the network with tweets about their own lives. I can see many non-Americans thinking that Twitter should be reserved for those who work for the news. In my opinion, the belief that everyone is interested in everything that you’re doing and have to say is in some ways a younger American mindset.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Tim Patterson.

I feel as though Twitter will maintain its use as a source of news. That said, I think the shift to Instagram will continue and even the younger generation of celebrities will start tweeting less.

To read more about the Twitter CEO’s struggle with the site, read an article in today’s Wall Street Journal here.

Featured Image courtesy of Flickr user marek.sotak.


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