Online over-sharers are neither crusaders nor victims. I often ask myself if theyre even necessary.

I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that delved into the reasons behind over-sharing online. The author stated that according to her studies that about eight percent of people online account for the majority of post traffic, a sect of people she deems “social creatives”. She states that their obsession lies in their inability to differentiate the digital world from the real one. Many of her subjects believed that mediums like facebook are a way to personally curate their image and refer to facebook as a personal television station to broadcast beliefs and opinions.

These self appointed “content creators” are observed, even by the author to be overly self involved and too dependent on the need for likes and shares. For some reason this small percent of the population is having delusions of grandeur, leading them to believe what they do online is mildly significant in any way. They may call themselves terms like creative curators, believing they are the new wave arbiters of taste, but in reality they are just regurgitating what innumerable people already know.

Some of the individuals researched for the article even coped to crating fake profiles for the purpose of stalking and trolling other users (yes, users. Not creative curators) making them no better than the useless people spewing nonsense in a youtube comment section.

so in the end, why do these people have such a need to share and share and believe they make a difference? The author offers one explanation. She states ” But before you turn away in disgust, consider one of the other defining characteristics of members of this group and you might feel a sliver of empathy.Despite their confidence and bravado, what’s really driving many of these guys is an intense need for acknowledgment, validation and acceptance”.

Oddly enough, i understand what she is getting at, but i feel no empathy. I often find in my travels of the internet that the over abundance of opinion is rarely a good thing. If these people have reached a point in their lives where they can not find validation from real people and thus turn to the internet, i just find it sad more than anything. There are plenty of resources and forums in reality for people of all walks of life that these so called social creatives should try actually being social for a change.

Read for yourself and see if you feel any differently http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/social-radar/social-media-obsession-just-a-crave-for-love-and-attention-20141026-11bdue.html


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