In this technological generation, companies have started to rely on social media to collect information for marketing and other purposes. Geofeedia is a startup based in Chicago that focuses on social media intelligence. It prides itself in being different from other social media intelligence companies like Radian6 and Social Mention due to the fact that it monitors posts based on location instead of collecting the opinions on trending topics. Many government agencies and private companies are investing in Geofeedia as they find the user information pertinent to their businesses. The startup has raised close to $4 million dollars through the first round of funding. Such a company would definitely prosper in this day and age due to the copious amount of valuable information existing on the internet. 

Image courtesy of Sam Churchill

Geofeedia’s “patented cloud-based social media platform lets you search, monitor and analyze real time social media content by location, from anywhere in the world, with a single click.” Geofeedia

Geofeedia is revolutionizing the social media intelligence sphere, as it’s the first location based- social media platform. Other companies similar to Geofeedia tend to aggregate information through hashtags and tags on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc. but Geofeedia is taking a step further by focusing on users who do not abide by the traditional hashtag norm. Harris explains that by looking specifically at hashtags and specific keywords, companies are restricting their potential audience. “What we see is that consumers don’t type in, ‘Look at this #cockroach #Hyatt,’” Harris said. “They just take a picture of the cockroach and say, ‘Ew, look at this.’” Through location, subscribers can draw a perimeter anywhere in the world and get near real time results on events.o

Customer queries are then immediately processed and near real time results are produced. It takes approximately 15 seconds for it to show on Geofeedia’s system once a post is made. This is extremely efficient and effective as establishments like hotels or events can immediately alter requests so the customer or guest is satisfied. Utilizing a combination of Yelp, Trip advisor, Instagram, Facebook, and any other review site, Geofeedia will be able to provide clients with their requested information gathered from all over the web.. Businesses that have a marketing department can benefit from this as they can more efficiently get information for the target groups, or scout out new locations.

The main concern and uproar that most people might have towards such a company is violation of user privacy. However, everything that we post online is on a public domain and companies have the rights to collect that information with or without our knowledge. Furtheremore, if users are uncomfortable with their opinion being seen and used, they can resolve this by educating themselves on the various privacy settings offered by the social media website.

“We’re not hiding anything or doing things we shouldn’t be doing. We are an aggregator of public information, and we are making it easier to aggregate that information. So there’s no privacy concern from our end,” Adelt said.

“Everything you post on social media can and will be used against you.” Reilly Everything you do on the internet can come back to haunt you in the future as it’s part of a virtual public domain where anyone can have access to.




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