When Victor Yanukovych fled his home at the end February, he hastily left behind a series of incriminating documents which are now being organized under a new website, YanukovychLeaks.org. 

With everything going on with Ukraine, the public is finding creative ways to expose the corruption. Ukrainian journalists created a new website, YanukovychLeaks.org, to upload documents which were found in Victor Yanukovych’s, Ukraine’s former president, residence. These documents are extremely important as many of them exposed the corruption of his regime.

This began when Yanukovych fled Kiev at the end of February, leaving his massive residence in Mezhyhirya empty. It did not take long until protestors and journalists were able to make their way into Yanukovych’s home. While some were interested in seeing how their President had lived, others were looking for more important information. According to an article from Transitions Online, journalists and activists were able to locate “reams of paperwork on the estate, blacklists of journalists and activists, and financial records.”

Old Documents

                                                                Image courtesy of Flickr user pixagraphic

Many records were half burned and others were dumped into the river by the residence. As the documents were being recovered, journalists took photos of the documents and worked to organize the new information. Throughout this process, journalists were instagraming and tweeting about the newfound documents. For example, a journalist from Ukrainska Pravda, Sergii Leschenko, posted a photo of some of the documents drying in the sauna.

This website YanukovychLeaks currently holds 23,456 documents and photos from the estate and the journalists who created the site are inviting others to joining through their Facebook page which has over 4,000 likes currently. This website is a great example of how users are becoming creative with available online tools. By using instagram and twitter as a starting point, these journalists have been able to create a successful and comprehensive website which holds extremely important and incriminating information. These journalists who created the website found a new way to organize their information than hashtags and tags which as we have discussed, are often filled with fluff and irrelevant information.


Caroline Gricik


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