Social Media continues to grow rapidly, it is even beginning to have an effect on the outcome of political elections.

Engaging in Social Media is becoming a necessity for people in order to stay up-to-date with trends and current events. Younger generations are growing up in a society where social media is booming and is what they learn to use.

According to the article “EU Politicians ‘Overwhelmed’ By Power Shift to Social Media,” EU politicians need to change their strategies because of a new shift in power towards social media. US social media expert Alec Ross told the European Parliament on April 2nd that “Power is shifting from hierarchies to citizens and networks of citizens.” Because of this shift in power, there will be a low turnout for the May EU vote if politicians do not start to attract voters through the internet and social media. The article mentions that young voters in central and eastern Europe spend around 6 hours online.



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The issue with politicians adhering to the young voters’ needs is that social media, such as Twitter, the messages being spread are hard to control. A social media team is needed to help control the messages and answer the flood of questions that arise. The article looks at Alex Stubb, the Finnish Europe minister, as a good example of engaging with the young voters by posting selfies with them.

I believe it is important for EU politicians to follow the trend of using social media to connect with young voters weather they like social media or not. Barrack Obama’s use of social media helped him tremendously with getting young voters during his second election. The fact is, that is the younger generation’s source for information and communication.

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