It’s impossible to get away from ads when using social media. However,  that’s not always a bad thing. Some ads get us, we like them and we click on the advertisement. How can companies work to better their social media presence?

How (and how not to) amp up your business social media presence:

Do: Update your community on real time events:


My favorite chocolate company, @Not your Sugar Mamas frequently posts updates on where and what they are up to via images. These posts present a lively image of the business.

Don’t: post daily lengthy rants about your upcoming  project


Are you bored yet?

This is not the way to win the hearts of your supporters, it’s the path to them blocking you.

Don’t: Assume facts about your audience.


You don’t know me, Facebook!

Do: Post commentary about relevant topics


By sharing your opinion/ insight about media stories, you are building your company’s personality and encouraging dialogue.

Featured image courtesy of  Sean MacEntee

Top: Screenshot of Not Your Sugar Mamas Facebook

2nd:Image courtesy of Status Clone

3rd: Screenshot of Facebook

4th:  Screenshot of  software company, Safe Shephard’s Facebook 


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