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Nearly 4 semesters of higher education, and there is only one skill I know I’ve gotten down pat – going days without sleeping. Thanks to “external factors” that all take an eventual toll on my body, I can grow wings for those last extra hours (and then crash at the most inopportune times). Regardless, there are a few names whose brand recognition has grown exponentially upon my entry to college.

Red Bull topping off the list.

But Red Bull hasn’t only marketed itself well in the CVS right off Washington Square Park. It’s at the top of the list of “Top 10 Facebook brands” in the Czech Republic – my second college home.

It is so high up on the list, that the world’s largest beverage company (Coca Cola) follows it.

The number of fans on facebook isn’t the only thing Red Bull has over the polar-bear supported drink. Red Bull has enjoyed a 15.9% revenue increase in the past year. Coca Cola? Not even 4%. There is no doubt that having such a strong social media presence has had a lot to do with its meteoric rise.

Whether it’s slactivism or a simple tactic to get their name out there, Red Bull has the right ingredients in its potion – likes, shares, retweets, and live streams have made it a trend to be reckoned with. In the Czech Republic specifically, energy drink consumption is at an all-time high, with 82% of adolescents calling themselves consumers That is higher than anywhere else in Europe – and nowhere else in Europe is Red Bull as high up as number two on the list of top facebook brands.

If that’s not a case study that proves the importance of having a social media presence, I don’t know what is. The issue of causality is of course hard to trace, but few companies can get ahead of the millions of worldwide fans of Coca Cola. In my opinion, Red Bull should be tipping its proverbial hat to good ol’ social media. And social media should keep rewarding its best users with monetary rewards.


One thought on ““No one ever wished they slept through college”

  1. I would have never thought that Red Bull would be so popular here, especially when they have SO many other choices of energy drinks.

    Good read, but can I suggest something? Stop drinking so much Red Bull and GO TO SLEEP! Your body needs sleep, and you’ll perform better too! 🙂

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