Since my engagement over Spring Break, I’ve become consumed with planning my engagement party for when I go back to the states. The process is now at a stand still as my fiancé waits to hear back from a vendor. In the meantime, my friend so cleverly asked me why I don’t “have a board filled with ideas already.”  I had no idea what she was talking about—I pictured a big white board in the center of my living room annoying the heck outta Ray or my father. So after I downloaded the application onto my phone, my time with Wi-Fi has been occupied “repinning” all the nice “ideas” I’ve found on the site.

Oh, Pinterest. Between flowers, place cards, picture poses, gifts to get my bridal party, do-it-yourself crafts, dresses and hairstyles, I’ve pinned over one-thousand things over the course of just a few days.

Courtesy of Author's Pinterest Page

Courtesy of Author’s Pinterest Page

Say good-bye to the old-fashioned “Bridal Binder” and say hello to the digital world of idea collaboration over the Internet. Just thinking about the trees and money I’m going to save on subscriptions to Bride magazine gets me excited for Pinterest.

It’s easy to become obsessed with something that you can carry with you in your pocket. I get to organize everything on one convenient ‘app’ instead of lugging around folders, and books, and magazines. “It’s the 20-something generation’s version of the giant wedding binder that Monica had on “Friends.””

Searching for “brides and Pinterest” on Google lead me to a few articles describing the craze and introducing bride-to-be’s on the ever-so-addicting-site. All I could think was: “Crap. She pinned the same things I did!” I’m not looking to use every single idea on Pinterest, but most of the “pins” lead to my own creative ideas as well. I’m not to keen on the “rustic barn” theme that is ever so popular on the site, but it has been a great way to see how things can/will work together.

Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief of Brides, told USA Today that Pinterest is “’changing the industry’ for vendors, planners and magazines.” “She estimates that Brides‘ 55 boards, supplied with fresh images every day, are gaining about 500 followers a week.”

Yes, Brides just got another follower.

This phenomenon has hit young women, whether “he put a ring on it” or not. Seeing as how my single friend who told me about the site showed me her own board with 70 pins about her fictional future fairy tale wedding.

This is just what I needed: another app to get addicted to. It’s hard not to. Everything I searched for I found. It’s incredible, and to have it all in one teeny tiny place, with separate sections for every detail…


Thank god I got engaged AFTER Pinterest.


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