Photo by luc legay on flickr. Creative Commons.

It seems as if Czech’s are not as active on Facebook as Americans are, but I have seen many young Praguers on the site. One time, I asked a girl for directions, we got to talking and she asked for my name to add me as a “Friend” on the well-known site.

However, according to SocialBakers.com, who created a software to monitor Facebook activity in order to help “improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country,” America has the most users on Facebook world wide, while the Czech Republic actually ranks 43 on the List of Countries on Facebook, which equals only about 37% of the population. Even though Facebook is the most popular social networking site “the largest Facebook Czech site has 181,148 fans. The largest Czech Facebook group has 140,998 fans. The most used Czech application has 227,608 users.” If you added all those facts together, it still wouldn’t come close to the amount of Americans on the site alone.

Červenková, Šimek, Vogeltanzova, and Stočes did an interesting study of about how Czech’s use social media as a tool. Out of 854 people studied in the Czech Republic only 100 of them claim to be on Facebook. However, even though their data found that Czech’s are some of the least active users, comparably, they believe that “positive personal experience of the individual users could potentially act as a development accelerator.”

It seems as if Czech’s use the Internet for different things then Americans do and aren’t preoccupied with Social Networks. About 95% of 16-24 year olds are online, according to the Czech Statistical Office, as of 2011—I’m sure that number has increased slightly in two years. However, unlike Americans, it shows that Czech’s have a very low percentage of people that online shop too; the same age demographic shows only about 39% of young people buy goods on the net. The Czech Statistical Office claims that 51% of users are female and 49% are male. So what do Czech’s do on the Internet besides use Facebook every so often?

For more information check out the Agris on-line Papers in Economics and Informatics article on “Social Networks as an Integration Tool in Rural Areas – Agricultural Enterprises of the Czech Republic”


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